Specialized Applications

At G.M Oikodomein we reduce commercial construction operating costs and we build more efficient, sustainable residential and commercial buildings for a greener, healthier world by providing specialized construction materials to create and maintain solutions for every need. From decorative coatings to industrial flooring and insulations, our team is recognized and approved as a certified applicant crew.


Insulation - Waterproofing

Insulation is any material used to fill the gaps (small gaps, cracks, inaccessible places behind the walls) of the building to reduce either the flow of heat from inside the building to the outside and vice versa, or to seal the building protecting it from moisture. There are several types of insulation including sound insulation, electrical insulation, thermal insulation and waterproofing.

Specifically, in terms of roof insulation, they can offer savings of up to 65% in energy consumption, since in winter the roof is responsible for the highest percentage of heat loss in your home because it is constantly exposed to weather conditions. During the summer months, the high temperatures throughout the day make your life difficult. Proper roof insulation creates a protective shell offering ideal conditions of thermal comfort. In winter it will help you keep your household warmer and in summer cooler.

Also, insulations offer 100% protection from the penetration of water. Buildings without roof insulation, both old and modern, are often faced with the problem of humidity. The unprotected slab corrodes over time and creates problems from the penetration of water, such as: discoloration, stains, swelling, cracks, peeling of plasters, etc.
A good insulation shields the roof of your property from fungus (mold) which appears during the winter, in structures without proper thermal insulation and mainly through the weakest insulating point of the building. Mold is ugly aesthetically, but also dangerous to your health, as it produces a number of harmful substances, which aggravate respiratory diseases and allergies. Constant exposure to moldy environment can irritate eyes, lungs, nose, skin and throat.

Industrial Floors

In industry, the floor is one of the most important elements of the space, which has special requirements and specifications according to the needs of each space and each industry. Its advantages are the following:
  • Invulnerable to the growth of bacteria & germs
  • Hardness and impact resistance
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Resistance to various weather conditions
  • Compatibility with the product being produced
  • Slipperiness
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Resistance to cleaners
  • Resistance to chemical attacks
Our company specializes in the field of industrial flooring for years and we can offer you complete solutions according to your needs, even for the most demanding projects such as: (winery, warehouses, food production industries, etc.).

Commercial Floors

Choosing a floor for commercial use is very important and presents several challenges due to the increased needs in each space. Each floor construction material must comply with the specifications for use and must take into account the following characteristics:
  • Use of space
  • Hardness and impact resistance
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Resistance to various weather conditions
  • Resistance to frequency of use
  • Slipperiness
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Resistance to cleaners
  • Resistance to chemical attacks

Pebbles - Mosaic Flooring

The pebble floor gives anti-slip and high resistance to heavy-lift objects. Suitable for application in outdoor residential and commercial areas of mild use, as well as in areas of medium traffic. Available in various colors, depending on the choice of aggregates.


Use on vertical and horizontal surfaces, such as cement, marble, tile, wood, ceramic or iron.
Microcement advantages
  • Very good adhesion and high elasticity
  • High resistance to compression and abrasion
  • Hydrophobic
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Quick and easy application

Liquid glass

Liquid Glass is a transparent self-leveling two-component epoxy resin, suitable for creating and protecting decorative surfaces of high aesthetics in horizontal interior surfaces.
  • Strong material suitable for creating floors in hotels, offices, exhibitions and homes.
  • Transparent protective coating of high strength, on old mosaics or pebbles in traditional settlements but also in new constructions indoors, providing the appearance of liquid glass.
  • As a highly glossy varnish for the protection of pressed cement mortar on indoor floors with a requirement of resistance to chemicals (areas such as kitchens, WC, industrial areas).


The filling of the floors for the shaping of the height differences, is necessary both in the new constructions for the correct coverage of water supply or heating pipes as well as for the older constructions during their repair. It is also key to create slopes on ceilings and balconies. Their work and installation are demanding since with poor management of the material and the wrong filling, it can create a large height deviation when installing ceramics, marble, wood parquet, etc.
Our long years of experience and our modern equipment around floor fillings and other work, guarantee you an excellent end result for your home or business.

3D Painted floor

A complete system of resin coatings that provides the solution for floor painting. The use of the floor as a canvas literally elevates the space through a multitude of shades. In addition, the possibility of application and style of 3D painting or photography, allows us to create surfaces that come to life and function visually in 3 dimensions. The final result is protected with liquid glass ensuring the protection of the project in the long run.

Resin floor

The decorative epoxy floors (Resin Floor) for indoor and outdoor areas. Epoxy flooring can be applied with a transparent finish and is available in an unlimited variety of colors.
  • Most often they distinguished by the perfect smoothness of the surface, allowing the placement of any furniture on the floor without prejudice.
  • Decorate the floors of any type of building facilities (suitable for finishing living room, workshops, businesses, garages, production halls, shopping malls, hospitals, shops, cafes, educational institutions, printing houses, food establishments).

Decorative Plaster

Decorative plaster is a general-purpose facade plaster with an extremely simple application, either by hand or by machine. It can be applied as a coating on thermal insulation, but also on old and new plasters / coatings, on concrete and repair plasters.
  • Used as a decorative coating on vertical surfaces.
  • Gives the appearance of concrete or limestone, depending on the application technique.
  • Large variety of colors and styles.