Insulation - Waterproofing

Insulation - Waterproofing

Insulation is any material used to fill the gaps (small gaps, cracks, inaccessible places behind the walls) of the building to reduce either the flow of heat from inside the building to the outside and vice versa, or to seal the building protecting it from moisture. There are several types of insulation including sound insulation, electrical insulation, thermal insulation and waterproofing.

Specifically, in terms of roof insulation, they can offer savings of up to 65% in energy consumption, since in winter the roof is responsible for the highest percentage of heat loss in your home because it is constantly exposed to weather conditions. During the summer months, the high temperatures throughout the day make your life difficult. Proper roof insulation creates a protective shell offering ideal conditions of thermal comfort. In winter it will help you keep your household warmer and in summer cooler.

Also, insulations offer 100% protection from the penetration of water. Buildings without roof insulation, both old and modern, are often faced with the problem of humidity. The unprotected slab corrodes over time and creates problems from the penetration of water, such as: discoloration, stains, swelling, cracks, peeling of plasters, etc.

A good insulation shields the roof of your property from fungus (mold) which appears during the winter, in structures without proper thermal insulation and mainly through the weakest insulating point of the building. Mold is ugly aesthetically, but also dangerous to your health, as it produces a number of harmful substances, which aggravate respiratory diseases and allergies. Constant exposure to moldy environment can irritate eyes, lungs, nose, skin and throat.

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