G.M Oikodomein operates in the building construction, renovation and maintenance sector since 2000. Our long-lasting experience results in the development of ergonomic projects of high standards with certified durability and modern design. Oikodomein aims at offering personalized solutions for every customer, addressing their special needs.

Specialization in Building Construction

Home Units Construction

Home means for us a very personal and unique space which is designed and built based on the individual needs of each and every one. Taking into consideration the safety, ergonomics, durability and the personal taste of each client, from the design to the completion of the project we always work by your side ensuring the best and most profitable result.

Business Units Construction

From the design to the construction of your business, store, office, restaurant or hotels, GM Oikodomein proposes the most modern construction methods for a practical, functional and impressive result that will serve both your staff and customers.

Industrial Units Construction

In a rapidly changing and evolving industrial environment, the need to build modern units within the framework of safety instructions and professional standards requires a special and scientific design. The team of G.M Oikodomein has all the necessary technical means but also experienced trained staff to carry out large-scale projects with the most modern construction methods that make your building efficient and financially sustainable.