Net Metering

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What is “Net Metering”?

Net Metering is an electricity policy which involves utility customers who function their own on-site “self-generation” power systems, for instance photovoltaic (PV) systems. Such systems (PV) are connected to the utility grid via the customer’s main service panel and meter and, when generating more power than is needed at the site, return excess electricity to the grid through the power meter, reversing the meter from its usual direction.

Consequently, the meter is working both directions – one way to measure power purchased (when on-site demand is greater than on-site power production), the other way to measure power returned to the grid – and therefore the customer pays the difference (“net”) of both transactions.

Essentially, net metering comprises a policy intended to foster private investment in the sector of renewable energy.

What are the benefits of a “Net Metering” application?

The installation of a photovoltaic system is a great investment for a utility customer! The significant results in power generation of the on-site grid, can lead to saving up to 1200 € per year from the electricity bill!

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  • Collaboration with the Krannich Solar, one of the biggest in photovoltaic systems
  • Over 200 applications of net metering systems already accomplished throughout Cyprus
  • Trained and experienced staff with engineers and technicians
  • Service department for support 365 days per year
  • Reasonable prices for the best products of the market
  • Ability to control, monitor, and observe the generation of the system through the inverter