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The whole system consists of solar panels, the special converter, and DC pump (DC SOLAR PUMP). The photovoltaic panels supply with electricity the pump via the converter throughout the day (given that there is relative sunshine). Then, the energy given to the pump operates accordingly, resulting in effective pool filtration.The selection of appropriate equipment is made by the company’s engineers, considering the conditions of each pool and the given surface on which the photovoltaic panels will be installed. The whole system has very good performance which helps the pool owner to achive serious power saving, resulting in rapid return on investment.


There are two options available:

  1. The simplest option, is to pump the water during the hours of sunshine and storage the water into a water tank for later use. The photovoltaic panels supply the inverter and the inverter consequently supplies the pump (which can be DC or AC). In the case of using an AC pump, the system can be combined with a generator or power supply and the network of EAC.
  2. System_PV_Pump
  3. The second solution is storing the energy in batteries, in order to use the pump also at times when there is no sunshine.

    In all cases careful calculation and proper choice of the necessary equipment are required.


The system consists of photovoltaic solar panels, inverters, charge controllers and their batteries.

The photovoltaic panels produce DC current, this leads to the charge regulator, which then ensures the proper charging and discharging of batteries. The power is then led from the batteries to the converter, and from there ends up to our load.

Finally there is the possibility of linking the autonomous system with the EAC network or with a power generator, using on grid inverters and special charge controllers along with the corresponding batteries.