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Our company has the ability and opportunity to provides maintenance services of building complexes or individual houses. Maintenance may include reconstruction of housing and maintenance of electrical and mechanical installations.
Home repair involves the diagnosis and resolution of problems in a home, and is related to home maintenance to avoid such problems.
Building repairs and maintenance services mainly includes works undertaken for maintaining proper condition of buildings, its services and works in ordinary use. The use for which buildings are designed is the main factor in determining the required standard of maintenance.
Maintenance may be defined as, “All actions which have the objective of retaining or restoring an item in or to a state in which it can perform its required function. The actions include the combination of all technical and corresponding administrative, managerial, and supervision actions.”
Many types of repairs are “do it yourself” (DIY) projects, while others may be so complicated, time-consuming or risky as to suggest the assistance of a qualified handyman, property manager, contractor/builder, or other professionals.
• Preventive maintenance, where equipment is maintained before break down occurs.
• Operational maintenance, where equipment is maintained in using.
• Corrective maintenance, where equipment is maintained after break down. This maintenance is often most expensive because worn equipment can damage other parts and cause multiple damages.

Repair is not necessarily the same as home improvement, although many improvements can result from repairs or maintenance.
Often the costs of larger repairs will justify the alternative of investment in full-scale improvements.
It may make just as much sense to upgrade a home system (with an improved one) as to repair it or incur ever-more-frequent and expensive maintenance for an inefficient, obsolete or dying system.

Specifically, the maintenance can be:
• House insulations, particularly at roof and heat insulation
• Electrical and mechanical installations
• Replacement bulbs in LED
• About the plumbing and the hydraulic piping
• Repairs in the central heating pipes
• In air conditioning and in the central air conditioning systems devices
• In shading system
• In photovoltaic installation
• Repair paintwork
• Repair solar thermal, solar pumps, solar lights and solar cooling
and generally in building energy upgrading