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VOLTAGE OPTIMISER is a cutting edge technology equipment that is offering incredible benefits in terms of power savings!

All the electrical equipment you have at home are designed to operate at a specific optimal voltage. Usually there is little control over the voltage you receive and on average, voltages are far higher than they need to be, this makes many of your electrical devices waste electricity and reduce their lifetime.

The Electricity Authority of Cyprus (EAC) is producing a voltage range from 220 to 240Vac but the optimal voltage for the devices is 220Vac. The aim of the voltage optimizer is to let only 220Vac voltage to pass through to an electrical device, and therefore to consume only the required energy.

Using the voltage optimizer you can save on electricity costs, reduce emissions of CO 2 and extend the lifetime of electrical equipment.

The voltage optimizer should be installed after the meter of EAC but before the distribution board, and operate 24 hours a day 7 days per week.


VO4HOME is a voltage optimisation device designed for use in homes and small businesses. The VO4HOME system gives immediate energy savings for the whole Home.


An average commercial site can expect to reduce energy consumption ~12% through the installation of a VO4HOME unit.
Benefits of VO4HOME:

  • Reduces energy bills by an average of 10%
  • Operates on all circuits, 24 hours per day 7 days per week
  • Quick and simple installation – no change to supplier needed
  • Extends the lifetime of electrical equipment


Powerstar voltage optimisation systems are unique, patented energy saving solutions that match the incoming electricity supply to the needs of onsite equipment and return any excess energy back to the grid by generating real negative power. Powerstar provides savings on electricity bills, reduces electricity consumption and cuts carbon emissions for businesses.

Powerstar systems are fully designed and manufactured in the UK can provide substantial financial and energy consumption savings for businesses. Due to its unique design, Powerstar remains one of the only voltage optimisation systems on the market able make savings on LED’s and VSD’s, offering increased saving potential for many clients.



Powerstar HV MAX is a super low-loss amorphous core HV transformer combined with electronic-dynamic (variable) voltage optimisation.


Powerstar optimises the voltage by a set level reduction across a pre-defined tap range and matches the incoming voltage profile.


Powerstar MAX provides electronic-dynamic (variable) voltage optimisation, ensuring a constant and stable voltage output is provided.



The Powerstar Virtue energy storage system can be integrated with any new or existing Powerstar MAX or Powerstar HV MAX installation. The solution harnesses the negative power feedback from Powerstar voltage optimisation technology to charge a storage medium. The electricity saved and stored from Powerstar to be diverted into a storage medium to be used at any time, including times of peak demand.

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