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Our company operates in the Building Renovation and Maintenance sector (homes, offices and stores) since year 2000. Taking into consideration our customers’ modern needs and requirements, we have created a special department that specializes in Renovation and Energy Saving, at residential and commercial premises. OIKODOMEIN is committed to serve the common interest, preserving the environment of today for the generations of tomorrow.

Using Renewable Energy systems and Energy Efficiency through rational and prudent management, we set the goal for our mission to stamp our own positive footprint in reducing pollutants in the environment.

OUR VISION is to use the renewable energy sources to maximum efficiency. Our goal is to reduce energy consumption. The highly trained Energy Engineers of the Company are able to provide solutions to improve the energy efficiency of the premises, offering energy saving, economic benefit and ergonomics.

The professional staff of OIKODOMEIN consists of Civil Engineers, Architects Engineers, Mechanical Engineers and Electrical Engineers, all of whom have both practical and theoretical training to carry out any project.